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Ideal location

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  • The project is located at Sukhumvit 55 Avenue in Soho District, in the center of Bangkok’s trendy Thonglor neighborhood.
  • It’s a 4-minute drive from Thong Lo Station on the BTS Sukhumvit Green Line, and within walking distance from several nearby community malls, such as 72 Courtyard, J Avenue Thonglor, and theCOMMONS.

Smart home technology

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  • The project enhances daily life by offering smart systems like Bluetooth smart door locks, facial recognition-based and cardless entry and exit systems, a license plate recognition system for the parking garage, and smart home systems.

An architectural concept defined by simplicity and quality

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  • The design of the exterior wall emphasizes horizontal lines, which balances the visual impact of the skyscraper. In addition, the building’s square shape allows for better allocation of well-proportioned units, so that residents can maximize their living space.

Prestigious private clubhouse

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  • The residents-only clubhouse boasts as many as 20 star-rated facilities, including a green forest garden, an infinity swimming pool and sky gym, a private audio-visual room, and a poolside bar. 

 A variety of apartment types

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  • The project includes one- and two-bedroom simplex units ranging from 31 to 74 square meters, as well as one- and two-bedroom fullplex units ranging from 46 to 77 square meters, with a ceiling height of 4.85 meters.
  • Also available are combined units on the 30th–33rd floors ranging from 148 to 157 square meters and boasting intoxicating view of Bangkok’s cityscape.


  • Shopping Malls/Supermarket
    J-Avenue 2mins
    Villa Market 2mins
    Eight Thonglor 7mins
    Donki Mall 10mins
    Market Place and Tops Supermarket 3mins
    Fifty Fifth Thonglor 3mins
    Index Living Mall 3mins
    Big C Supercenter 3mins
    Major Cineplax 3mins
    Gateway Ekamai 5mins
    EmQuartier 4mins
    Emporium 5mins
    Emsphere 5mins
  • Dining
    Nobu 3mins
    Sho Sushi 5mins
    Nihonmura Mall 6mins
    Arroz 3mins
    Kosirae 3mins
    Ginza Thonglor 3mins
    Bo. Ian 3mins
    Piman 49 4mins
    The 49 Terrace 4mins
    Peace Oriental Tea House 4mins
    Greyhound Café 4mins
    Patissez Bangkok 4mins
    Bangkok Trading Post Bistro & Bar 5mins
    Tonkatsu Musashi 5mins
  • Transportation
    Thonglor 10 Station 5mins
    Thonglor 25 Station 5mins
    BTS Thonglor Station 4mins
  • Hospital
    Camillian Hospital 7mins
    Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital 3mins
    Bangkok Hospital 3mins
    Sukumvit Hospital 3mins
  • Education
    ELC Interntional School Bangkok 9mins
    The American School of Bangkok 14mins
    Bangkok Prep 3mins
    Wells Interntional School 4mins
    HEI Schools Bangkok 4mins
    Ekkamai Interntional School 4mins
  • Hotel
    Grande Centre Point Hotel 5mins
    Hotel Nikko Bangkok 4mins
    Bangkok Marriott Hotel 4mins
    S31 Hotel 6mins
    Calton Hotel Bangkok 7mins
    Holiday Inn Bangkok 7mins
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Floor Plan


1-Bedroom (simplex)

Starting from // Please contact us for the price.

31.77 - 36.61 sqm



2-Air Con

Fully fitted

2.7 m

2-Bedrooms (simplex)

Starting from // Please contact us for the price.

63.55 sqm



3-Air Con

Fully fitted

2.75 m

1-Bedroom (fullplex)

Starting from // Please contact us for the price.

46.35 - 53.94 sqm (incl. Interior work)



2-Air Con

Fully fitted

4.85 m

2-Bedrooms (fullplex)

Starting from // Please contact us for the price.

76.17 sqm (incl. Interior work)



3-Air Con

Fully fitted

4.85 m


  • Can foreigners own a house in Thailand?

    Yes, foreigners are eligible to purchase real estate in Thailand. However, the Thai law stipulates that 51% of the construction area of each project should be owned by Thai locals, and only up to 49% of the construction area can be sold to foreigners.

  • What is the procedure of purchasing properties in Thailand? Are lawyers needed?

    The procedures of purchasing a condominium in Thailand are very simple. Buyers are requested to provide a valid passport and relevant personal data. Buyers will be assisted by the developers’ staff in the entire buy process, including the signing of a SPA (Sales and Purchase Agreement).

    The purchase of a condominium in Thailand does not require a lawyer’s help. However, if the buyer needs a lawyer to assist in handling related matters, then all the corresponding costs will be borne by the buyer directly as additional payments.

  • What are the taxes involved in a property buy and sale process in Thailand?

    When buying a first-hand condominium, foreigners are required to pay a transfer fee of 2% (buyers and sellers are responsible for 50% of the total charge), without any other charges.

    If you would like to sell the condominium within 5 years, the buyer will be required to pay an additional of 3.3% VAT.

    If the property has been transferred for more than 5 years, the buyer will only be required to pay an additional of 0.5% VAT.

  • What after-sales services does your company provide?

    Our company provides a series of after-sales services, including lettings and management, home design solutions, property resale and home furnishings.

  • What is the estimated material date of this project? Are there any charges when the property is handed over to buyers?

    Noble Form Thonglor is completed in Q3, 2024.

    In addition to the final payment, the following fees must be paid when the property is handed over, including:

    • 2% transfer fee (buyers and sellers are responsible for 50% of the total charge)
    • Property management fee (prepayment of the fees of the first year, will be charged once annually) THB90/sq.m./ month
    • Maintenance Fee (one-off payment) THB900/sq.m.

  • What is the payment process?

    The payment process of Noble Form Thonglor

    • Deposit: TBH 100,000
    • The first payment should be settled within 1 month after the deposit has been made, 15% must be paid and the contract must be signed. Another 15% must be paid within 45 days after the signing the contract, which makes a total of 30%.
    • Final payment: 70% of the full payment paid while completion.

  • Are parking spaces provided? Will I be charged for using public amenities?

    According to the laws of Thailand, all condos in Thailand are required to provide parking spaces. Noble Form Thonglor provides approximately 50% of parking spaces for residents. The management fee includes the fee of using public amenities such as swimming pool and gymnasium; residents are able to enjoy these amenities for free.

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