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Why Investing in Singapore

Burgeoning Financial and Logistics Hub

Singapore remains one of the world’s strongest economies amid the global economic downturn. It is ranked as the world’s most competitive economy, which has attracted multinational corporations and the fastest-growing start-ups. As a global hub for innovation, Singapore has built a vibrant ecosystem for leading Fortune 500 companies. The efficient transport network and infrastructure has made it one of the busiest logistic hubs in the world*.

*Source: EDB Singapore, 2021

Ease of Making Investment

There are no significant barriers for you to invest in Singapore, as it allows 100% foreign ownership of Singapore incorporated companies, and there are no minimum share capital requirements and no foreign exchange controls. The monetary and fiscal policies, plus a robust judicial system underpin the low-risk economy. You can rest assured that your investments will see potential growth in Singapore*.

*Source: Crowe, 2020

Low Taxation Environment

Singapore is known as a tax haven for people to live and run businesses. It offers several tax breaks, boasts a relatively low corporate tax rate and top personal tax bracket. It does not levy taxes on capital gains. The business-friendly tax policy is a gateway for companies hoping to expand into this emerging Asian economy, thus making it the global hub of international investment*.

*Source: Investopedia, 2019

Effective Urban Planning

The Urban Redevelopment Authority in Singapore builds comprehensive plans to optimise its limited land to meet the needs of current and future generations. The latest master plan in 2019, which will be reviewed every 5 years, would guide its development in the medium term over the next 10-15 years. Other long-term strategies will be also implemented to guide the land and property development of the city*.

*Source: Urban Redevelopment Authority, 2021

A Dream Place to Live in

Singapore is famous for its “Garden City” label with hundreds of parks, nature reserves and mangroves scattered around the city. Residents enjoy political stability, excellent healthcare, education and recreation options. The living standard continues to be affordable and is rated among world’s best. It ranked the first in Asia for quality of living and first in Asia for expats to live in*.

*Source: EDB Singapore, 2021