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Publish Date: 2023-06-14

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and one of the most bustling cities in Southeast Asia. There are many international schools in this highly internationalized city for students to attend. The standard of education is excellent, and students not only receive an international level of education but also receive training in personal development and diversified abilities. Many parents have set their sights on international schools in Bangkok, preparing their children to study in world-renowned top tier universities.

The main factors that attract parents to choose to study in Thai international schools are:

  • International curriculum options

Thai international schools offer a variety of curricula, including the International Baccalaureate (IB), American High School Curriculum (AP), British A-level curriculum, etc., providing a solid foundation for students' further studies and employment. The credit scores obtained by many graduates of international schools in Bangkok are also quite impressive, and many students can go on to study at world-renowned universities such as Yale University, Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), University of Cambridge, University of Oxford and so on, making it a springboard for children to connect to foreign universities.

  • Quality faculty and advanced teaching facilities

Thai international schools employ many experienced foreign and local teachers who have high-level teaching abilities and professional knowledge and usually hold master's or doctoral degrees in education or related fields, providing high-quality education for students.

The facilities on campus are also complete, including modern teaching equipment, laboratories, libraries, sports venues, etc. The Thai Department of Education requires that international schools must have a license and qualifications, and the area must exceed four rai (approximately 6,400 square meters), with teaching buildings and corresponding basic facilities, providing the best learning environment for students.

  • Multiculturalism and extracurricular activities

Students in Thai international schools come from all over the world, mainly from countries such as the UK, the US, Germany, France, China, Japan, Korea, etc., which allows students to meet different cultures and values. The school holds various multicultural activities such as international festivals, cultural days, music festivals, etc., allowing students to understand the traditions, customs, and foods of different countries and cultures.

The school also provides a variety of extracurricular activities, allowing children to develop their own interests and hobbies. Such as football, basketball, volleyball, swimming, track and field and other sports; music, dance, drama, art and other artistic activities; student unions, drama clubs, music clubs, environmental protection clubs, etc.; volunteer services, charity activities, community cleaning activities, etc. Providing students with a wide range of learning experiences and allowing them to develop both physically and mentally.

  • Affordable tuition fees

Compared to international schools in Hong Kong, China, or Singapore, the tuition fees of international schools in Bangkok are relatively affordable. The tuition fees of each international school are different and will increase with the grade level.

Taking Harrow International School as an example, it has set up campuses in different regions of Asia, and the tuition fees vary in price. For secondary school tuition fees, Bangkok Harrow is 835,500 to 965,000 Thai baht per year (about HKD 183,000 - 212,000), and the same level of tuition fees in Shanghai Harrow is 308,500 to 362,800 RMB (about HKD 338,521 - 398,105), almost twice the price of Bangkok Harrow. The newly established Japan Ambi Harrow's tuition fees require 8.5 million Japanese yen (about HKD 477,464). Although the tuition fees of Hong Kong Harrow are about the same as Bangkok Harrow, at HKD 196,091 - 203,868, students must purchase bonds or capital certificates when they enroll. The face value of the bond is HKD 600,000, and the capital certificate is divided into personal and company types, with a face value of HKD 3 million each. If students who have not purchased these certificates, they must pay a capital levy of HKD 60,000 per year.

In terms of fees, the tuition fees of international schools in Bangkok are competitive compared to other international schools in other countries.

Overall, Thai international schools have many advantages in terms of diversified learning experiences, rich curricula, multiculturalism, quality faculty, and advanced teaching facilities in Asia. These advantages help students develop their potential in a globalized world and achieve better results. In addition, the tuition fees of Thai international schools are relatively affordable compared to international schools in other Asian countries, and the cost of living in Thailand is relatively low, making Thai international schools more competitive in the education market in Asia.

The above information is for reference only. If you need more detailed information, it is recommended that you consult relevant schools or educational consultants.

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