Fulcrum Global

Established in 2008, Fulcrum Global Properties is a developer of international real estate based in Hong Kong.

The company focuses on city-center investments in the UK and ASEAN, and specializes in identifying project with the best long term capital appreciation potential and strong rental return, partnering with best-in-class developers to invest in the most attractive opportunities in these regions. In addition, the company has built an asset management platform that strives to provide a comprehensive solution to buyers of its products, allowing the buyers to enjoy attractive investment returns without day-to-day headaches that offer accompany a real estate investment.

As an unique approach in demonstrating its long term commitment of the company’s strategy and management platform, the company also retains a portion of its projects for long term investment. The company currently manages over 1,000 residential units in London, Manchester and Bangkok.

“The value of the projects currently under development exceed USD500 million. In 2014 alone, we have transacted over USD250 million in revenues and generated returns on equity of more than 20% for our buyers.”

Investment Philosophy
Fulcrum Global believe our core competency in identifying the most attractive opportunities, coupled with an end-to end asset management platform that assists our buyers to manage their investment, is uniquely suited to sophisticate buyers looking to diversify their investment in an increasingly complex investment landscape. Most importantly, we invest alongside with our customers by retaining a portion of our projects as long term investments. Our unique approach demonstrates our long term commitment in our strategy and management platform.
Our management team consists of experienced professionals from fields such as property development, asset management and finance, ensuring that our execution ability is unparalleled in the marketplace. As a consequence, Fulcrum Global has a strong track record of creating superior returns to our buyers since our founding, and we are unwavering in our commitment to continue to do so in the many years to come.