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Check out our latest company sales events and overseas property market update.

Fulcrum Global have organised a UK tax seminar for clients who are interested in UK property. Martin Rimmer from The Fry Group is our guest speaker and specialises in UK tax legislation including residence, domicile, tax mitigation and tax planning. Martin will share a focused analysis of the latest taxation developments in the UK following Brexit and the Autumn statement.
UK Mortgage Seminar presented by Fulcrum Global
Fulcrum Global had invited Jones Chan, Mortgage Adviser from Bank of China UK Birmingham branch to conduct a talk regarding the mortgage for UK properties. Many of our clients and potential buyers had taken the fantastic opportunity to learn about the current UK housing market.
Thailand Residential Rental & Mortgage Seminar
Advantages gain from weak Sterling
Fulcrum to double Thai investment - Hong Kong-based firm drawn by Bangkok
Fulcrum Global enters Thai property market
UK rents keep increasing after Brexit.
Investor activity has bounced back recently following the stamp duty changes in April