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Origin partners with Fulcrum Global to bolster its presence overseas.泰國上市發展商Origin與弘捷國際組成「緊密合作夥伴」
Thailand’s Top 5 property developer Origin Property Public Company Limited (Origin) announces to form an alliance with Fulcrum Global (Fulcrum), a leader in international real estate developer based in Hong Kong, to be its investment partner as well as sole foreign distributor of the company’s flagship projects, Park 24, Park Origin Phayathai, Park Origin Thonglor, Knighsbridge Prime On Nut and Knightsdbridge Prime Sathron, in Okura Prestige Hotel Bangkok yesterday. The event was graced with the presence of Mr. Lin Wu, the Executive Vice President of Bank of China (Thailand). This partnership is expecting to generate in excess of HKD 1.2 billion from the overseas market in 2018 and reaching HKD 3.6 billion over the next three years.
Mr. Peerapong Jaroon-ek, Chief Executive Officer of Origin Property Plc, a property developer under several brands including Park Origin, Knightsbridge, Notting Hill, Kensington and Britania; has said that as it plans to expand its footprint outside Thailand as part of its goal of building The Empire of Origin, it has established a strategic partnership with Fulcrum, a leading international property investment firm, to be its investment partner and distributor for Origin’s flagship projects overseas.
“Fulcrum has an excellent track record both as an investor as well as distributor with hugely successful projects in Thailand, United Kingdom and Japan. Based on our own experiences in working with Fulcrum, we are confident that this collaboration will not only achieve strong sales volume, but also cement Origin’s reputation as a best-in-class Thailand developer.” said Mr. Peerapong.
Ms. Benyapa Permpul, Senior Vice President International Business of Origin, said that the company has started tapping into the overseas market since July 2017 via the dealership system and had generated over HKD 366 million in sales revenue in the second half of 2017. As a sole distributor, Fulcrum will leverage their deep customer and market understanding to improve sales activities in overseas markets such as Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia. Fulcrum will also be a significant business ally of Origin to capture new buyer markets and segments, especially in the European market.
“Once the alliance is formed, we target to generate HKD 1.2 billion this year from the overseas market. This should also be the key driver to push total sales volume beyond our earlier projection announced in the beginning of this year. We also target overseas sales volume to reach HKD 3.6 billion baht over the next 3 years,” said Ms. Benyapa.
To further enhance the alliance, Origin will be opening a sales office and showroom with Fulcrum in Hong Kong in order to promote Origin’s brand in the overseas market, as well as provide local-language customer service support. With a local showroom, potential buyers can obtain a better understanding of Origin’s projects without the hassle of having to make a trip to Thailand.
Mr. Frank Leung, Managing Director of Fulcrum, said it is an exciting opportunity to further deepen Fulcrum’s alliance with Origin following its success as an investor in acquiring over 450 units of Park 24. Together with the developer, Fulcrum launched the “The Park at EM District”, a serviced apartment managed by the Ascott Limited, which can be purchased by buyers who are interested in acquiring a landmark property with stable rental income and strong management. The project has been a resounding success both with local Thais and overseas buyers.
In addition to direct investments, Fulcrum also worked with Origin to promote its projects in the international market, launching projects such as Knightsbridge Prime On Nut, the Knightsbridge Space Rama IX and Kensington Sukhumvit Theparak in the overseas markets with strong sales exceeding HKD 366 million. “Thailand’s condominium market is extremely attractive for overseas buyers. It is estimated that international market for Thai property exceeded HKD 29 billion in 2017, with the market expected to grow by over 40% in 2018. Origin’s projects sets the benchmark in terms of location, project concept, unit layouts, facilities as well as irresistible value.” said Mr. Leung
According to a survey by Juwai.com, Bangkok is ranked as the second most attractive property market for buyers of international real estate. In addition to an outstanding track record of capital appreciation over the years, a strong tourism industry along with being one of the key beneficiaries of China’s One Belt One Road initiative make this the destination market of choice for buyers of international real estate. Origin and Fulcrum’s strategic alliance will allow both companies to put their best foot forward to reach ever greater heights together.
Origin Property Public Company Limited has three core businesses: 1. Project Development Business, with condominium development of around 46 projects with a combined value of over HKD 15.8 billion. 2. Recurring Income Business such as hotels, service apartments, office buildings and retail spaces, and 3. Service Business such as property management services, property brokerage services and property consultancy. It has the vision and breadth to continuously expand into new businesses to achieve its goal to become a fully integrated property developer and operator.
Established in Hong Kong in 2008, Fulcrum Global is an investor, developer and distributor of overseas property with assets under management exceeding HKD 3.9 billion. It focuses on city-center property investments in the United Kingdom, Thailand and Japan, partnering with some of the best developers in these countries. With its extensive distribution network across Asia, Europe and Africa, the Fulcrum platform creates unparalleled access in promoting its projects to a wide investor base.

泰國五大房地產發展商Origin Property Public Company Limited(Origin)昨日於曼谷大倉新頤酒店舉行新聞發佈會,宣佈與香港國際房地產領先企業 - 弘捷國際結成緊密合作夥伴,成為旗下Park系列包括:Park 24、Park Origin Phayathai 及 Park Origin Thonglor 、Knightsbridge Prime On Nut 及 Knightsbridge Prime Sathorn 的投資方及海外獨家總代理,更榮幸邀得中國銀行(泰國)行長助理吳琳先生到場支持。是次合作預計可為海外市場方面創造超過港幣12億的銷售額,期望未來三年更可達到港幣36億。
泰國房地產發展商Origin Property Plc已開發Park Origin, Knightsbridge, Notting Hill, Kensington and Britania等多個住宅品牌。行政總裁Peerapong Jaroon-ek先生表示集團目標是建立強大的地產王國,並進一步擴大泰國以外地區的業務。因此,促成與弘捷國際組成「緊密合作夥伴」關係。除了與Origin共同投資項目外,弘捷國際更會成為其旗艦項目的海外獨家總代理。
Origin國際業務高級副總裁Benyapa Permpul女士表示,公司自2017年7月起通過代理銷售制度正式進入海外市場,2017年下半年更帶來超過港幣3.6億的收益。是次合作透過弘捷國際對客戶和市場的充份了解,有助 Origin 能更全面推廣至中國大陸、香港、澳門、台灣、新加坡和馬來西亞等海外市場。 弘捷國際亦將與Origin,一起拓展至歐洲等其他市場。
弘捷國際董事總經理梁鳳權先生表示,這項合作是一個令人興奮的機會,早前弘捷成功收購超過450間Park 24之後,跟發展商共同推出由國際知名「雅詩閣有限公司」負責管理的服務式住宅「The Park at EM District」,針對希望擁有地標性房產及具有穩定租金收入的買家提供一個投資選擇。 計劃推出市面時,於當地泰國和海外市場都取得了巨大的成功。
除直接投資外,Fulcrum還與Origin合作將其旗下項目推廣至環球市場,包括:Knightsbridge Prime On Nut, Knightsbridge Space Rama IX及Kensington Sukhumvit Theparak等項目,銷售額超過港幣3.6億。梁先生表示:「泰國的住宅市場對海外買家極具吸引力。2017年來自環球市場對泰國房地產的銷售額預計超過港幣290億,預測2018年市場增長率將超過40%。不論在地理位置、項目概念、單位佈局、設施以及價值,Origin都為旗下項目奠定極富競爭優勢的新基準。」
根據Juwai.com的調查顯示,曼谷被國際房地產買家列為第二大具吸引力房地產市場。 除了備多年來資本增值的卓越記錄之外,強勁的旅遊業以及受惠於中國「一帶一路」倡議,將促其成為國際房地產買家的置業首選。相信 Origin和Fulcrum的戰略聯盟將使兩家公司能夠達成更可觀的目標,邁向更驕人的成績。
Origin Property Public Company Limited有三項核心業務:1.項目開發業務,共有46個項目,總價值超過港幣158億。 2.經常性收入業務,如酒店,服務式住宅,辦公室和零售空間,3.服務業務,如物業管理服務,物業經紀服務和物業顧問。 Origin擁有遠見卓識,不斷拓展新業務,實現成為完全整合的房地產開發商和運營商的目標。
弘捷國際於2008年在香港成立,是海外資產的投資者、發展商和代理商,管理資產超過港幣39億。 它專注於在英國,泰國和日本市中心房地產投資,並與這些國家當中優秀的開發商合作。 憑藉遍布亞洲,歐洲和非洲的廣泛分銷網絡,Fulcrum平台創造了無與倫比的渠道,將項目推廣至更寬闊的投資者市場。

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